Wabi~ Sabi is a retail outlet cum cafeteria, a unique lifestyle zone conceptualized around a way of living which is in tune with nature. Wabi Sabi philosophy is about finding perfection in imperfection in our day to day life , be it food & beverages, apparels, jewellery, handicrafts, health suppplements, ceramics, art, etc. The space is being designed by internationally acclaimed architect Bidyut Roy. Though the founders have diverse interest ... ...

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Here we open the doors for amazing food, drinks and desserts to make that foodie in you happy.. Whether it is a jomati adda, lazy chit-chats, without lip-smacking food, delectable desserts and your choicest drinks.. it is incomplete!! So connect to peace, the inner you in your strive to find perfectness in imperfectness…

Droolworthy Drinks

Slurp.. Slurp. Slurp.. Freshly concocted drinks accompany a conversation in the best possible ...

Fab Foods

All the foodies out there if you want to dig into something real ...

Delicious Desserts

Desserts make you to come up with a sugar-loaded smile at the end ...


India Kala

A tribute to Indian craftsmanship that roots its inspirations in the tradition and culture of ...

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Pratha Naturals

Pratha” means traditions. Traditions are the roots of Healthy and Happy life. Each tradition is ...

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Sahaj Handicrafts

Sahaj is a part of an organized social movement that seeks to promote sustainable development ...

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Kala Ghar

KalaGhar is inspired by the philosophy of ‘arte util’ which means useful art in Spanish. ...

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My Mooch

“MOOCH" is the Indian way of designating a moustache. As quirky as they may come ...

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With a quest to delve into the treasures ...

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